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SiENNA ♡⃝ she they neos istp-t sasian + muslim edtwt minor dm me to know age

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i'm a minor so please don't be weird around me, i mostly rt lurk and interact on moots tweets, i go inactive sometimes but i do come back so don't unf pls, i'm a muslim so if you don't respect my religion i will sb you or hb you bec i don't like when people r disrespectful to my beliefs (idc why)

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fit the basic dni criteria, racist, islamphobic, homophobic, fatphobe, allspo, problematic, disrespect neo pronouns, r +21 or -13, anti anyone i stan, make weird comments on idols bodies

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. blackpink, nct, onlyoneof, twice, aespa, sulli, itzy, stayc, loona, ive, snsd, exo, kard, triple H, ariana grande, raveena, NIKI, melanie martinez, taylor swift, olivia rodrigos, selena gomez.